117 and Counting: Reviewing my Steam Library

I have decided to undertake the task of reviewing my Steam library.

Roughly 117 games. Both new, and old.

This idea came about because of this blog. As well as my ever increasing Steam library.

Before the most recent Christmas Sale on Steam I compiled a list of all my Steam games, and calculated my “back log”. The games that I own, but have never played.

But intend to… one day.

Then, I had played 2 games for every game I had not.
Not so bad! but still a large portion of games were un-played.

Steam Lib late 2014

At the time I had 83 games on steam, 56 of which I had played. The remaining 27 I had either put very little time into, or hadn’t even started up.

Then the Christmas Sale hit…

As of May 2015, Steam claims I have 117 games. However, I believe this number includes DLC — or, additional content for games I already own. I think a more accurate number is 95 games.

Here is a more current (but still out of date) version of my Steam library:


As you can see, my ratio has gone down. From roughly two games for every un-played game, to 1.6 games for each un-played game.

And that’s where reviewing my steam library comes in!
It gives me a way to practice my writing, as well as gives me a reason to dig into my back log!

This page will probably evolve over time and include more information about this project.
But it’s probably going to take me some time to go through all 95+ of my games… But i’m going to do it!

Stay tuned for more updates in the future.

What do you think?

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