Playtime: 14 hours

SUPERHOT: The most innovative shooter in years

SUPERHOT is not a long game. If you know what you’re doing, you can complete it in about two hours – probably closer to four on your first attempt. But despite it’s brevity, my forteen hour playtime should be an indication of it’s quality… Because this game is fantastic. After finishing it for the first time, I immediately played through it again. And have since played through it at least two other times, going back to find all the secrets. I’ve also put in a decent amount of time with the challenge, and endless modes that come along with the narrative focused missions.

And let me tell you: obviously the main draw to SUPERHOT is the whole “Time moves when you move” mechanic. But, I think you’ll find the frame used to tell the story, and the rather disturbing technological implications of the hidden cyberpunk narrative, to be the really memorable aspect of this game. Obviously I won’t talk about it here, because it’ll blow your mind. Maybe͢ ̛líte͢ra͡lly…̴ But suffice it to say SUPERHOT’s disturbing content matter is the hook that dug itself deep…

Aside from that, SUPERHOT is actually quiet a simple game. If you’ve ever played a first person shooter you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into. The innovation comes from the fact that the game is more puzzle than it is shooter. You’re thrown into arenas with multiple hostiles and you have figure out a way to survive using the various items and weapons around you. But you have the advantage of time only progressing in a meaningful sense if you move. Time will always slowly grind forward, but you will generally have enough time to look around and plan your next set of actions. This is where the real meat of SUPERHOT’s gameplay comes from. Planning, Acting, and Reacting. Each weapon has a limited number of uses before you have to find another; generally speaking they will either break or run out of ammunition. This means you’re constantly think about what your next move will be, while also giving yourself enough room to react to unexpected developments. It’s incredibly satisfying when you can accurately plot out your moves, as well as the enemy’s. and take everyone out in a single unbroken string of actions.

S͠U̴P̡ER̴H̛OT makes you feel like the badass from every action movie you’ve ever seen. Whether it’s surviving an ambush in an elevator, coming out on top in a bar-fight, or smashing your way through a cubicle farm…

The biggest downside to SU̴PE̡RH̨O̡T̷ ̷is i͡t’͡ş ͏p̷rice̷ ͞t͠ag͞.͘ It’s pretty steep for such a short game. But, the additional game modes help to soften the price point – and I can definitely say I have gotten my money’s worth out of it.

SUP͢ER̢HOT is ̕t͞h̡e͏ m̕ost i͡nnovàt͠i̕ve sho͠o͟t̢er I’͢v̶̧͟e͏̸ p̕͟͏l̨ay̵̢͘èd̨̨i̸n̵̢ ̡̛̕͡y҉̧e͘͡͏à̵̧̛͝r̵͘s͟͏͢͠!̧͢͢͠

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