Play Time: 10 Hours

Jackbox Party Pack 2: Some Sense of Humor Required

Jackbox Party Pack 2, the second of the Jackbox Party Pack franchise, older brother to Jackbox Party Pack 3 – is a super fun party game that essentially anyone can play. Like for real, my 80 year old Grandmother can play it. The Party Pack comes with five games of varying quality. Fibbage, a okay game about lying. Quiplash XL, a great mad-libs style game. Bombcorp, a less good ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’. Earwax, mad-libs but with sound. And Bidiots, a game about art or… something.
Honestly the only reason to buy this game is Quiplash XL, It’s the only game that is intuitive enough for literally anyone to play… And almost always accompanied with copious amounts of laughter. The game plays out like this:

You host the game on your PC, laptop, or console of choice – and then anyone can join in via their smartphone or laptop, etc… By going to and typing in the room code. Then you are presented with about two prompts each and you put in the funniest thing you can think of. Depending on your group, the dirtier the better.

Of the ten hours I have played, 99.9% of it has been playing quiplash. And every time we’re done playing my abs hurt from laughing. Even when playing over the internet, without the people in the room it’s quite fun. The amount of fun you have is obviously dependant on the group of people you’re playing with, but you honestly have to be trying to not have a good time to not enjoy Quiplash.

Sadly it’s difficult to put quiplash into words – most of the enjoyment comes from your friends. If you’re interested in having a party game to play consider picking this up – even if it’s just for quiplash! The $25 price tag is pretty steep, but I think it’s justified considering that you’ll get your return on investment from multiple uses. Heck, you’ll probably spend more on food and alcohol just for one party!

Consider checking out some games on YouTube to see if you think it’s something your group will enjoy (NSFW language). But I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t had a good time playing.

What do you think?

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