Time Played: 3 hours

Grow Home: Good Clean Fun

Grow Home is a little indie physics platformer; which is, interestingly, published by Ubisoft. Interesting fact: Grow Home is the only Ubisoft game I have bought since Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. I have a bit of a boycott against Ubisoft because I think their games are poo.

With that being said; I’m happy to report that Grow Home is not only great fun, but well worth the $7.99 you’ll drop on it. You play as a little red robot named BUD, and your mission is to grow a giant alien plant from the surface of the planet you land on out into space. Why? Well to collect its seeds and take them back home to Earth of course! As you can see from my play time – Grow Home isn’t particularly long. And perhaps $7.99 is a little expensive… But I enjoyed every moment of Grow Home! The wonky momentum physics, and kind of janky climbing, gives the game a nice charm. Moving can be a little troublesome but it requires enough concentration that you never really take it for granted. This forces you to always put some amount of focus on how you move around and I found it to be quite fun. Plus the games “floating Islands” aesthetic really gives you interesting ways to move around. Like jump pads, gliders, and free falling… You spend a lot of time in this game flying through the air, and I love it.

Although the play area is not particularly large, its vertical scale is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a game before. I don’t think it’s spoilers to say that you go from the surface of the planet to eventually out past the atmosphere and into orbit. Plus, if you’re inclined you can totally jump from your spaceship all the way back down.

Best skydiving simulator, ever.

Plus, once you actually complete the main objective the game incentivizes you to go back to the surface and bring more items up into orbit! Although I never really went back, It’s nice to know that there is more to play if I ever decide I want to.

Overall, Grow Home only does a few things. But it does them with enough charm, and style that it’s well worth checking out. It reminds me of the feeling I used to get from games back when I was around eight or nine – just plain fun unclouded by jaded expectations.

Check out Grow Home if you want something nice and relaxing. It’s a great palate cleanser! Plus if you really like it, there is a sequel named Grow Up!

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