Hours Played: 20 hours

The Showdown Effect: Sometimes the Good Die Young

The Showdown Effect was one of those games that despite being a ton of fun, never really caught on. I think it may have been a combination of having no advertising and being a little bit unwieldy…

The best way to describe The Showdown Effect would be “Super Smash Bros with action heroes from the 90s, at 100 miles per hour, with guns and parkour.” Essentially The Showdown Effect is a big amalgamation of a bunch of different ideas, that somehow works despite being a conglomerate of various parts.

Sadly even if I were to go on about how much I loved The Showdown Effect, it’s literally unplayable. And I’m not even memeing when I say that. I installed the game and looked for a game – no one. I then went to Steamcharts.com and I was – believe it or not – the only person playing the game. TSE being an online only game with no bots… is dead in the water. Apparently there are some people that try and organize groups to play every now and then, but if you’ve never played the game then that’s not worth the money unless this game speaks to you on a fundamental level.

TSE was a tight multiplayer slug-fest that unfortunately succumbed to it’s faults . It was violent, fast, and just plain fun. But unfortunately it’s gone.

What do you think?

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