Hours played: 13

Revenge of the Titans: Good Looking Tedium

On the surface Revenge of the Titans looks sliiiick. The art style is eye catching, the game moves well, and it has style. But there are some glaring design choices that ruin any amount of fun I could have with this game.

Back when I first played it I was able to get to the final level – but no matter what I did I was unable to beat the final boss. That was when I realized, that despite the game having a tech tree; there was only one way to advance through it. Otherwise you were essentially screwed. After getting so far into the game, and every person saying that there was really only one way to “tech up” through the story – I lost all interest.

I’ve given the game a few more chances through the years. Each time I’ve bounced off before getting more than three hours into it. It’s just tedious and boring to me, and I can’t really muster the desire to trudge through it.

One of the biggest issues I have with the game is that: Despite it being a “tower defense” game… There are no lanes. Enemies will come from one place in the early levels, but once you get further into the game you’ll be surrounded and have to defend your base in almost 360°. Which combined with the limited amount of resources on each map – leads to a trial and error style of gameplay. Once the resources are gone, and you’ve placed everything you can you basically have to wait for the level to play out before you.

To prevent boredom though, you have to reload your individual towers after a certain amount of shots, unless you build a specific add-on that automates it.

Essentially, this game can be fun – but some pretty odd design choices hold it back from being anything more than an annoying slog.

At least to me. Only pick it up on sale if you’re interested.

What do you think?

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