Time Played: 10 Hours

Last played: 7/29/2016

BROFORCE: This game is horrible don’t buy it

Alright, let’s get this out of the way. I really don’t like this game. If I could I would without a doubt refund this game and get my five dollars back. It’s nothing but an exercise in frustrating, and poor, game design.

Broforce is a beautiful game. This is the only positive thing I will say about it.

Putting aside the great visuals, it is extremely poorly designed. I will fully admit that I might be missing something… Considering the game has an Overwhelmingly Positive review score on Steam… I can’t for the life of me see how though.

I’ve seen people describe the game as thoughtful and well designed and I have to wonder if we’re playing the same game. 90% of the content revolves around luck to progress through. There is hardly any skill involved. Despite the community’s unanimous “Git Gud” to anyone who says anything negative about Broforce.

As the game progresses you’re basically forced to try and run passed everything you encounter… Or slowly and monotonously trudge your way through the level hoping beyond hope that something doesn’t explode and kill you.

Part of this comes from the fact that you cannot choose what character you play as… Why? I have no idea. Roughly half of the characters are complete garbage, so maybe instead of making them better the devs just force you to play as them so their work wasn’t a waste.

There were several portions of the game where I had to bang my head against a wall until I finally spawned as a bro that was actually good. Once that happened I got through on my first try.

Pure skill.

To add to this, the game is unadulterated trash chaos. Which, don’t get me wrong, definitely has it’s moments. But when the level is completely destroyed out from under you, and you die — because the screen is shaking so much you’re physically unable to parse the location of your character — It’s not fun. Especially when the game’s checkpoint system is essentially non existent. Some levels have a check point, others don’t.

Why is this bad? Well when you die, and you will, you have to start the whole level over again. Imagine doing this hundreds of times on a single level. Eventually it just becomes work. And if there was any skill, or thought, in this game’s design it wouldn’t be a bad thing. But your progression through the levels is almost always left to the whims of fate.

Maybe it’s my fault for playing the game on hard… But having beaten the game on hard, and going back try it on easy… It’s BORING. On top of that, most of my complaints still apply. Almost all of my deaths are from random dumme verdammte Pferd Scheiße  So really this game’s two modes are, boring, or frustrating.

And thinking about… that’s really all this game is: Boring and frustrating.

Yeah, it has some funny bro puns, some decent ‘MURICA jokes, lots of explosions… But that charm wears off in about forty-five minutes. And all you’re left with is way too much screen shake, bad design, and getting killed in one one hit. There are definitely moments of genuine fun to be had, but they slowly melt away after the third or fourth area change leaving a bitter taste in your mouth.

At least there’s multiplayer, right? Well, playing with one or more people becomes so chaotic that it’s almost unplayable… which is less enjoyable than playing alone. And if you play with people online the lag is so bad that it literally is unplayable.

Broforce is not a good game. Do not buy it.

I’m definitely the dissenting voice here. But I can’t recommend this to anyone unless they’re purely in it for the dumb humor factor. And even then, it’s not that funny.

The game’s charm wore off and there was nothing left to hide the shallow, unfun, game underneath. Broforce is just a repetitive slog of the same thing over and over again; from the first level to the last level.

I bought this game on sale, and it was not worth it.

What do you think?

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