Time Played: 9 hours

Last Played: 7/11/2016

Paint The Town Red: Mushy Skulls

Do you remember the scene from Drive, the one where ‘Driver’ makes out with the chick and then stomps that goons head into a chunky wet soup with his snazzy white sneakers? If you’re anything like me this scene was pretty disturbing; it took the face kicking one stomp too far in that his entire head squashed like an over-ripened pumpkin, and was almost entirely unnecessary…

How is this relevant?

Well Paint The Town Red is your one stop shop for reenacting this scene hundreds, no thousands of times! Now, I know that isn’t a ringing endorsement; It’s actually a back handed compliment… But I actually really like this game despite it being almost questionably violent.

There’s something to it that’s just fun. It’s probably that it doesn’t take itself very seriously. There is only the bare minimum of context, and despite being hyper-violent it’s not off putting. Probably because it’s such over the top cartoon violence that it doesn’t trigger the revulsion centers of the brain.

Paint The Town Red succeeds where other horrible murder simulators don’t in that it doesn’t focus on brutality to be edgy… It does it because it’s kinda funny.

Now that’s enough about the violence, we’ll talk about smearing heads across surfaces more in a moment. Right now I want to talk about the main concern I think that most people will have with PttR… It’s price point. Currently this game is in Early Access; meaning that it is being sold in an unfinished state — and it really shows… There isn’t a lot of content here; but what is there is, actually, very fun!

PttR is still being actively worked on, and has a promising future if they can flesh out the ideas they have into some more scripted scenarios. As it stands the entirety of the game is four scenarios, a debug map, and an arena mode. Every map is a large room or area with a dense concentration of people: like a bar, night club, prison, etc. You walk in, beat the life out of some poor slob, and a riot starts.

You will then smear every unfortunate SOB in the room into a greasy puddle in your quest to become the Chosen One of Khorne. Blood for the Blood God.

That’s it.

It’s also far more difficult than you would expect it to be, which is nice!

There are a large variety of weapons littered around the maps, some are difficult to find; as well as some tougher “boss” enemies that can provide a significant challenge if not handled properly. But despite that really the only thing to do is bash skulls in, remove limbs, break noses, tear flesh from bone, and smear meaty goop.

The really interesting part about the game is that it’s ‘voxel’ based — more or less. And when you deal damage to enemies the various parts of their body will dynamically be removed and bleed. Which is cool. It even goes so far as to simulate bruising when you punch dudes.

The extent of the damage you can do is pretty severe: I’ve beaten a prisoner with a night club and watched as all of the flesh on his face sloughed off revealing his expressionless skull staring back at me as he got up for round two. Then I hit him again and what remained of his head turned into greasy wet shreds of human strewn across the floor. I’ve punched a man so hard that entire body turned into what could only be described as ‘debris’… It’s definitely something to behold.

Paint the Town Red is kinda gross. But it’s also really fun.

There isn’t a lot here for the price, but it’s definitely promising. If you’re interested, I would say pick it up! If you’re more trepidatious, then maybe wait for a sale or for some more content.

I grabbed it for $7.99 and I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth.

There’s something sickly satisfying about punching a virtual man’s head into paste…

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