Time Played: 8 Hours

Last Played: 8/10/2014

Space Marine: Suffer Not the Alien to Live

Okay, so it’s been awhile since I’ve played Space Marine. But, I’m going to start this review by saying that: I completed Space Marine back in 2014 and really enjoyed my time with it… And then never really felt any reason to go back to it. And while my review of the game is going to be going off of what I remember, it should be stated that I really enjoyed my time with it.

But, it should also be said that: the greatest defining feature of Space Marine is, in fact, it’s Warhammer 40k-ness.
Without the WH40K license Space Marine would have been just another third person action game. That is not to say that it isn’t a bad game mechanically; It’s perfectly competent and very fun in it’s own right. But being a good Warhammer game is what makes it good. Which is, admittedly, a bit circular… But I think you know what I mean.

Now with that out of the way… There are three people this game is going to appeal to:
– The person that enjoys third person action games that tell a pretty decent story
– The person that has been waiting for a good Warhammer 40K game
– The person that just wants to feel like a badass

This game has all three of these things.

Space Marine isn’t going to blow you out of the water. It won’t leave you with your jaw on the floor, nor will it stay with you the way a good book would. But it serves as a very humanizing look into the Warhammer 40K universe– and has some really dope set pieces that show just how powerful, and savage, the Emperor’s Adeptus Astartes really are.

The game takes place on a Forge World, which is essentially an entire planet devoted to creating weapons of war. Imagine a military factory that spans the entire surface of a world – this is the scale that this fiction deals in. There is only war.

You play as a Space Marine whose name has escaped me named Captain Titus, who has served the Imperium of Man for over a century. You and two other Space Marines are tasked with repelling an Ork Waaaaggh which is currently attacking and sieging the Forge World. What’s a Waaaagh? A Waaagh is an Ork military campaign. It’s also what the Orks scream when they go to war.


Small aside: If you’re not familiar with Warhammer 40k’s races basically take most fantasy races and apply forty millennia of technological growth, and regression, to them and place them into a bitter, fascist, oppressive, dark, nihilistic meat grinder of a setting. You know, a feel good story.

The reason this Forge World is so important in an Empire that spans the galaxy is that it houses one of the most powerful weapons the Imperium ever created. A Titan.

The Orks want said Titan. That’s bad. Go kill’em, mmmkay?

The game then follows you as you do just that. You kill’em. And boy do you kill’em good.

Almost 98% of your time spent in Space Marine involves murdering things to death. So the combat should be fun. Well, good news! Because it is. Although the pacing of the combat is different than you might expect. Most action games center around a protagonist that is nimble and can move in and out of combat with lightning fast reflexes. This isn’t the case.

Captain Titus is basically a walking tank. You can move fast when you need to get out of the way of something bigger than you… But you’re no Dante, or Ryu Hayabusa. The pacing of combat is more about weathering the storm, than avoiding it. You regain HP via special kills you perform on low health enemies. Not unlike the new DOOM. And that allows you to continue murdering.

Now, the combat in Space Marine isn’t particularly deep, or mechanically rewarding. Like say, Devil May Cry… It’s a pretty standard light and heavy system. But it sure looks cool. And you definitely feel every slash, hack, hit, and shot. There’s something sickeningly satisfying about cutting a Green Skin in half, turning around and shooting another in the head – creating a spray of dark red blood and viscera, and then disarming and curb stomping another all in the matter of a few seconds.

This game is violent. And I love it.

But with that being said, the game almost overstays its welcome. I feel like a few sections where you gain the Assault Marine jet pack could have been cut and they would have helped with the pacing of the game.

But I would say Space Marine is a good length for a Third Person Action game. It has three distinct acts, a decent character arc. And stays just long enough to be satisfying.

If you want to jump out of a Battle Barge without a parachute into enemy airspace, take down an enemy ship, crash into the surface, and then rip and tear your way through an entire factorium city. This is your game.

If you want to finally be a Space Marine without having to play an RTS. This is your game.

If you just want to kill things. This is your game.

Also it has a Horde Mode online. It’s alright, I guess.

Grab this one when it’s on sale and you won’t regret it..
For the Emperor!

What do you think?

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