Time Played: 1 Hour

Last Played: 5/15/2016

Hack, Slash, Loot: Not, Very, Good

There have been multiple occasions wherein I have tried to play Hack, Slash, Loot. Both times didn’t last very long… As you can tell by my total play time of an hour. I’m just gonna be straight and say I don’t like this game. But the fact that I’m reviewing it after an hour should be more than enough evidence of that.

The main issues I have with Hack, Slash, Loot stem from the fact that it is based entirely around luck, it’s rather shallow, and frankly it’s just unengaging.
Also because I wanted to play it more, but it’s now continuously crashing; thus preventing me from even giving the game another chance. It’s almost as if the game knows I’m not fond of it and it’s hiding from further examination!

Crashing aside Hack, Slash, Loot definitely has some cool ideas, but the game’s execution could definitely have used some work. When the game launches, after you’ve taken about five minutes to parse the UI, you can pick from a rather large selection of quests– these are essentially the game’s ‘campaigns’; and four character classes. The game’s various quests are really just a set of parameters on the random dungeon generation. Apparently the dungeons span multiple floors and also contain bosses but I’ve never lived long enough to see one…

This is because the game pits you off against a nearly unending horde of monsters that do far too much damage, have way too much health, and almost comically out number you. Plus healing items are few and far between due to the random nature of the game’s loot. In the hour I’ve played I’ve probably run through thirty or forty dungeons.

Let that sink in.

My longest run was probably 20 minutes, and I still never made it past the first floor. Hell, I’ve died in the room that I spawned in.

Fighting hordes of powerful enemies can definitely be fun, other games prove this. But Hack, Slash, Loot’s reliance on luck permeates into the combat as well. Even with a 60% chance to hit I find myself missing the majority of my shots. A fight with a single monster can take upwards of ten turns or more, which are spent watching your character and the monster haplessly flail at one another only occasionally connecting. Once you finally land a hit and damage to the monster you have to hope that you roll well… or you’ll find yourself dealing almost no damage, making the fight take even longer.

There’s nothing like missing ten attacks only to land one and deal 2 damage.

The best way I can describe this game is that it feels like a Pen and Paper RPG, like Pathfinder… But without any of the systems that actually allow you to do the cool stuff.

There are no modifiers that help your dice rolls, or give you an edge. It’s just raw randomness.

Most of the time you simply rely on luck, and hope that the five orcs breathing down your neck miss more than you do. Or that you get a good weapon that can deal decent damage. But that only happened to me once, and then I promptly died.

This game definitely has potential. And it’s clearly there under the layers of randomness… But  as it stands Hack, Slash, Loot isn’t worth your time.

What do you think?

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