February 22nd, 2016

Time Played: 10 Hours

Last Played: 2/22/2016

Devil Daggers: Gnashing of Teeth

Dude, you ever played DOOM? Remember that bitchin’ guitar riff? What about Quake? Hexen? Remember the old 90’s FPS games where you ran around at ninety miles per hour shooting demon’s in the face with a shotgun and a machine gun? Remember rocket jumping in a deathmatch arena?

Me either, I was like one when DOOM came out; and about four when Quake came out. So I kinda missed the crazy FPS’s of the 90’s… But I did enjoy my fair share of the Duke!

Anyway, what if I told you there was a game that channeled what you remembered of those amazing games from the 90’s. Tight controls, high speed non stop action, LOTS of blood, Rocket Jumping, and hundreds of slathering demons ready to be murdered? And on top of all that it doesn’t have the horrid level design!

Well, then I’m proud to tell you that Devil Daggers is available on steam… And it is everything we look back on the 90’s and remember fondly about First-Person Shooters without any of the blemishes of the time.

It has an amazing software rendered look, while also having modern polygonal models and exquisite lighting effects. And it has the advantage of modern hardware to render hundreds of simultaneous enemies. More than your brain can parse at once. Devil Daggers is a wonderful mixture of new and old. It’s nostalgia made real. Even if you weren’t around long enough to HAVE nostalgia for DOOM.

I’ve shown Devil Daggers to about everyone I know who will watch. I like it so much. Why? Because it isn’t trying to be something it isn’t. It’s simple, and it does what it does so incredibly well.

If I had to categorize Devil Daggers, I would call it a ‘timed wave based FPS survival game’. But, if I’m being real, I would say it’s verdammt schlecht ass. Everything in Devil Daggers is fast, and doesn’t care if you can’t tell what’s going on. It’s hard, it knows it, and it wants you dead. You have to be able to keep up.

You, the player, are placed in a dark abyssal arena, your only weapon is your hand. Index and middle finger extended; which shoots flaming daggers. And then, surreptitiously an infernal tentacled birthing pod calmly, ominously, floats out of the darkness towards you. It stirs and a flock of demonic skulls erupt from it and try to engulf you. And that’s the basic premise. Kill the skulls or be killed.

One touch and you’re dead. Also did I mention there are hundreds of them?

Everything in the game is based off of time. The longer you survive the crazier things get. But eventually you’re able to parse the times at which everything starts to happen and you can get a feel for when something is going to be making an appearance.

The fourth Birthing Pod just died, that means I have about threes seconds before the massive spider skull spawns.

This game doesn’t hold your hand either. It expects you to figure everything out on your own. But it definitely gives you a large amount of feedback for your actions. It doesn’t tell you that you can, and should, bunny hop; or that if you time it right you can nearly double your speed. Nor does it tell you that you need to be collecting the gems that come out of the different types of enemies. Get enough and you’ll become more powerful… If you can survive long enough.

Devil Daggers expects you to pay attention. And I appreciate that. It doesn’t hold back… and being able to overcome its challenges is incredibly exhilarating and rewarding. When I started playing on February 20th I could only last about 40 seconds. Now my highest score is 206.9 seconds.

As of this writing I am currently ranked 156th out of 9345 players. I am the 1.66%

As you get better it’s a great feeling. I haven’t been as absorbed by a leaderboard game… Ever. Something about the break neck speed, super intense combat, and absolutely amazing sound design really come together to make an experience that is just amazing. …It’s so memorable.

I was at the movies today, and I could hear the sound the enemies make as if they were floating around me. 

When I get into a good rhythm, and I’m timing my bunny hops just right I can feel my leg tensing to keep pace as if I was playing the drums.

Surviving just a few seconds longer than your old score immediately produces copious amounts of adrenaline in your body. My previous high score was 194 seconds, getting to 197 seconds made my hands shake.

Learning this game, and bettering my play style has been an incredible experience.

What’s even cooler is that each time you rank on the leaderboards, the game uploads a replay of your session for everyone to watch. Meaning all of the top player’s secrets are mine to learn!

Watching them play the game is a totally different experience from when I play. The amount of time they spend standing still, or not shooting is very impressive and inspiring. Currently the game’s developer has a high score of ~463 seconds. And I tried emulating his style of ‘farming’ the Birthing Pods. And wasn’t able to keep up with the massive swarm of skulls following me… But maybe one day….

Devil Daggers is a fantastic game that you should definitely check out. It does one thing, and does it so, so, so well. This game is polished, refined, and tuned to perfection.

Plus it’s only $4.99.

If you’re remotely interested in it, check it out. The art is amazing, the 3D sound is out of this world, the action is headache inducing, and rush is addicting to say the least…

Pretty soon you’ll find me on the first page of the leaderboards. Check it.

What do you think?

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