February, 15th, 2016 

Hours played: 3 hours.

Last Played: 2/8/2016

FOTONICA: This game is so relax– MOTHER FU-

FOTONICA is a nice little indie game I found during the Steam Lunar sale this year… which thinking about it, I don’t think was a thing last year. So I guess I should say during the Inaugural Lunar Sale. Sales aside, I was immediately pulled in by FOTONICA’s really interesting wireframe style, and impressive sense of speed!

The game’s details ask you if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to run at 140mph. The answer to that question is: “Not until right now.”

The game was, and still is, on sale for a whopping $1.99. So I immediately jumped at the opportunity to play this game. And I have to say I love it. I’m not much of an endless runner kind of guy, but the first person perspective, interesting graphics, and break-neck speed were really fun to experience.

Also this game is hart wie Scheiße. one wrong move and you have to start the entire run over… No check points.

I was playing this game about a week ago, and well… a game hasn’t made my palms sweat in a really long time. Not even Dark Souls. Apparently I was way into it. Sweaty palms, weak knees, heavy arms, sans Mom’s Spaghetti.

I really enjoy this game’s sense of speed, and the challenge of running through a new level trying to figure out the timing you need to pull off in order to advance- is quite enjoyable. For the most part.

Most of my play time was probably stuck on one or two levels. THEY’RE SO DAMN HARD! I went into this game expecting it to be relaxing! Don’t get me wrong, it can be for sure… But, damn it’s rough sometimes. You really have to be on point to get through most of the game. Jump too early, miss the platform. Jump too late, bounce off the platform. Either way you’re falling into an endless void longingly reaching out to accept you.

The dream like sound design, and calming music betray that fact that this game will really screw you over if you’re not paying attention.

Fun Fact: your decreasing altitude is inversely proportional to your blood pressure.

Overall I really enjoyed my time with FOTONICA and would recommend it to anyone that really enjoys endless runner type games. However, the game is normally listed at $10! Which I feel is a little too expensive for the game, considering what is available. There are about eight or nine arcade levels, and three endless levels. All of which can be played on a variety of difficulties.

Interestingly you can also play with up to four other people, which is nice! But I don’t think that’s enough content to justify the $10 price. I would say it’s more along the $5 to $7 range.

So just keep that in mind. I would say if you’re interested, and like endless runners, definitely give this one a chance. It’s super cool, well made, and pretty trippy, yo.

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