November 3rd, 2015
Hours Played: 4
Last played 11/3/15

LUFTRAUSERS: Mein gehirn schmerzt

LUFTRAUSERS, yes the name is in all caps, is a really fun indie game by Vlambeer; the people who brought us Nuclear Throne. And as you might expect this game is hart wie Scheiße.

Luftrasuers is a fast paced arcade shooter that consists of you avoiding literally hundreds of thousands of bullets flying at you in all directions while enemies swarm you from all sides. Except instead of being a little mutant out in the nuclear wasteland, this time you’re a little Nazi lookin dude flying around killing… non descript enemy forces. And boy are there a lot of non descript enemy forces.

Luftrausers is a score attack game at it’s heart. Each run is short, fast paced, and freakin’ hard. Like Teleglitch, Luftrausers is a jerk. Except it doesn’t toy with you while you die. It kills you so fast that sometimes you have to take a second to process what hit you. There is so much going on at all times in Luftrausers that it can be hard to even parse what’s happening. But this also adds to the challenge. In the four hours that I have played I’ve managed to unlock almost everything, except the super secret final unlock. And have completed all but two achievements.

And now I’m just trying to get better… And that is an uphill battle. A game is hard when a ‘good run’ is long enough to hear the music kick in…

Luftrausers isn’t a deep game. But it is a fun one. There isn’t a lot of content here, but what is there is a frantic game that requires you to think quickly, make decisions, and act as fast as possible. Don’t mess up.

What’s nice is that there are a decent amount of ‘parts’ for you to customize your rauser. Machine guns, shotguns, missiles, lasers… They had those in WWII right?

As well as a ton of different body parts and engines to change your play-style to suit your particular skillset. How does a flying hover laser-tank sound?

Luftrausers is an interesting game in that despite being incredibly hard, and not making much progress, it’s fun to just dive in for a few runs here and there and see how I do. The individual ‘runs’ are fast enough to not be irritating, and long enough to have a sense of achievement.

Also it’s absolutely gorgeous. The entire game is done in a silhouette style. The sprites sometimes appear three dimensional in their movement. It’s truly a visual treat to behold the dog fights that go on in this game… just don’t lose focus, cause you’ll die.

Currently Luftrausers is $9.99 on Steam. If a beinhart arcade-y bullet-hell shoot’em up is in your wheelhouse then give this game a shot. Personally I think Luftrausers is a bit light on content for $10. Personally I wouldn’t purchase this game for the price. But that’s me, I also got my copy in a large bundle… So unless you’re really into hard games maybe wait. However, I want to support Vlambeer. Because, those guys really, really deserve the support. So go give it a try if you’re interested.

Note: I should specify that I recently started playing Luftrausers again, and had purchased it last summer. The majority of my playtime was in 2014.

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