October, 27th, 2015

Time Played: 4 hours

Last Played: 10/27/2015

Super Hexagon: Begin. Game Over. Begin. Game Over.

I have been waxing on and on in my latest reviews. Seven pages on Diablo 3? Geeeez! So I think it’s high time I wrote something concise. Maybe something about a page long? I think that sounds good. Oh, crap. I’m wasting space.

Super Hexagon, by Terry Cavanagh, is a little indie game that I love. And by little I mean it’s 35MBs. Super Hexagon, if you don’t know, is a game about avoiding shapes encroaching in upon you, while the camera spins around, the colors flash and change, and really good techno plays in the background. So it’s like a rave but, without the other sweaty people.

This game is tough though, don’t let the simple premise fool you. It can be quite hard to keep your bearings while the game’s camera spins 180 degrees and the constantly moving shapes swirl towards you with the sole purpose of… actually they’re just obstacles. Not malevolent in any way. Although you might disagree when you play for yourself.

The main goal in Super Hexagon is to last as long as you can on it’s three levels. Which is quite challenging, but I already mentioned that. If you can manage to last 60 seconds, whether by sheer skill or a divine blessing, the game will speed up and the colors will change. Welcome to Hyper mode.

I think the longest I’ve lasted on the first level is 72 seconds. — let me check… yup, 72.26 seconds and damn proud of it!

By entering hyper mode in a particular level– Hexagon, Hexagoner, and of course, Hexagonest, respectively– you unlock the ability to jump straight into the Hyper modes of each level.

I’ve managed to survive 18 seconds on Hyper Hexagon!

Super Hexagon is very fast, very fun, and has a great soundtrack. Also it can be infuriatingly hard. You’ll probably hear “Game Over” and “Begin” more than the actual music… But hey this game is just simple, pure, fun. It’s worth a try just to experience it. Also you can compete with your friends to see who can survive longest. Like in real life.

And it’s only like 3 dollars. Give it a shot! The worst thing that can happen is that, upon losing, you hit your desk and swear violently. But, I don’t want to talk about that…

What do you think?

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