July 11th, 2015

Hours Played: 4

Last played: September 28th, 2014

Gunpoint: Nuclear Powered Pants

Despite have only put 4 hours into Gunpoint I will start this review by stating, without reservation, that Gunpoint is worth buying. In fact, I will urge you to go buy it right now.

…Did you buy it?

Oh you want more information? Well you’re in luck! I have about  two pages worth of information for you!

Gunpoint is a wonderful little puzzle game. It’s clever, thought provoking, funny, and above all, just plain fun to play. I knew Gunpoint was a great game when I spent something like an hour (or two!) playing the demo level over and over again trying to come up with new ways to complete the puzzle.

Let me give you some context: Gunpoint puts you in the pants of a “freelance spy” who has… well… super powered pants.

These pants, the “Bullfrog Trousers,” allow you to jump forty feet into the air, survive falls from just about any height, jump through plate glass windows, etc. It’s all quite cool. Using the abilities afforded by your trousers and a host of other gadgets, you take on jobs that require you to break into high security buildings, steal information, and get out without being seen.

This is where the fun begins. You’re only told what to steal, not how to do it. Obviously there are specific solutions to the games puzzles. However, how you go about reaching those solutions is up to you. You have the tools are your disposal, and the game lets you go about it your own way.

Along with your super powered pantaloons, you also have a “Crosslink” device that allows you to hack into the various electrical devices in the game such as light switches, card readers, doors, guns… you know, normal everyday stuff. This mechanic allows you to set up glorious chain reactions that always result in something amazing. Whether it works or not.

Beating a man to death with an automatic door programmed to open when someone walks through a metal detector is… Actually pretty hilarious, especially when it results in an infinite loop causing the door to flail open and closed as fast as possible resulting in an unending cacophony of meaty smacking sounds.

What a way to go.

Being beaten to death with a door isn’t the only way to take out the opposition. There are a multitude of ways to dispatch the various guards you encounter throughout the game, some more lethal than others. You can push them out of windows, make them accidentally shoot each other, knock them out with electrical shock, and last but not least beat them to death unconscious with your fists!

Punching dudes in the face is extremely common in this game. And your bare hands are in many ways the most brutal of Gunpoint’s weapons. The only limit to the amount of times you can pummel a man with your fists is the limit of your own depravity (Or rather, how fast you can click the mouse).

One of the first times I beat a guard unconscious, I rapidly clicked the mouse thinking multiple hits were necessary to knock him out. The rapid fire punches created an amusing sound, so I kept hitting him, laughing at the meaty, flat, slapping… until I realized there was a pool of blood under him. Upon completing the level, the game labeled me a psychopath as I had hit the man over one hundred and fifty times without realizing it. I kind of felt bad…

Kind of.

Punch a guard once, and he’s unconscious. One hundred times, and he’s not getting up… ever.

Despite Gunpoint being a rather short game, it is incredibly fun to play. The puzzles are intriguing, require thought and some trial and error, and are set up in such a way to allow for speed running. Once I got really good at a level, I was able to complete it in under 30 seconds. It was fun to continually beat my scores, getting faster and faster. And the unique and varied ways you can come up with to complete a level really add to the game’s replay value.

I will be honest, I completed the whole game in one sitting. But it was well worth the money I spent on it. The art style is fun, and stylish with a little bit of a noir feeling to it. The writing is hilarious, if a bit sweary at times. And the music is absolutely phenomenal. Combined with the fun gameplay and great puzzles, Gunpoint really is a gem of a game.

Plus, there is a level editor that allows players to create and share custom puzzles to play through! I never personally dove into the custom levels, so I can’t speak to the quality of the puzzles out there. But knowing the internet, I’m sure there is some great stuff to be found.

I really have nothing negative to say about Gunpoint other than “I wish it was a little longer.” At the same time after beating it, I felt satisfied. The game didn’t overstay it’s welcome. Not only was the story was resolved, ending on a satisfying note, but the game lets you go back to all of the levels after having completed them so you can play them again!

If you enjoy witty puzzle games, Gunpoint is for you.

Now I want to go play it again!

What do you think?

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