2nd Gen vs 3rd Gen

So what’s better, 2nd Gen… or 3rd Gen?

No I don’t mean pokemon, cause it’s obvious everything after Johto is crap.

What I mean is the 2nd and 3rd generation of Monster Hunter games.

(Two month gap and I’m still on MH, yeah I know.)

Either way this is going to be ENTIRELY objective subjective and be based completely on fact opinion

So let me just get this out there.



Now if that doesn’t mean anything to you, well… stick around.

If your hair just caught on fire, settle down, go get a cup of coffee, relax in your favorite chair, and come back because I’ll tell you why this is an undeniable fact I feel this way!

Why (I think) 2nd Gen is better

Now if when I say 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen you have NO idea what i’m talking about well I’ll clear that up right now!

The monster hunter games follow a generation based  release format. Basically what that means is that the first game that came out in ’04 was the first generation of monster hunter. So they then take that ‘base’ game and add improvements to it Street Fighter Turbo Ultra Super Saiyan Complete edition  style. Typically what they do is release a base game and a year or so later release a “G” version, Which sports the base game and additional content.

Now the majority of monster hunter games are not released in America…. or the rest of the world.

Typically we get the “big” releases, which are the base games and typically the “G” version.

Like Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and then MHF2: Unite aka Monster Hunter Portable 2nd and “MHP2nd: G”

Now this is what is important… the 1st Gen and the 2nd Gen were very similar, almost exactly the same mechanically.

I spent like 350 hours in 1st Gen and that much or more in 2nd Gen.

I pretty much ruined myself for any other kind of Monster Hunter game

As my friend says “Your Nostalgia blinds you!”

Pretty much

So when 3rd Gen came along and decided to be all different i was like “B-but, Change. Why Change.

The Truth

The truth is that 3rd Gen is awesome and I love it, It will just never compare to the idea of what 2nd Gen Monster Hunter is IN MY HEAD

So when I started playing MH3U and I was having trouble with the ‘easy’ monsters.

I’m just like:


But as much as I like MH3U, I find myself not liking it as much as the older games. Which makes me sad.

I think a lot of it is the change in the environments. They made them ‘more realistic’ I guess. They all seem to be based more on real life locations than the previous games environments were. So it might be this uncanny valley thing going on. “Oh the Flooded Forest!… Wait… You mean the Amazon River?”

To me it feels like they have combined many of the different environment types into one. Like the “Deserted Island” feels like a combination of the “Forest and Hills” and the “Jungle” from previous games.

And the “Flooded Forest” feels like a combination of the “Old Jungle” and the “Swamp“. Which hey that’s fine! I just find myself not connecting with them as much. Maybe it’s cause I’m older 😥

Although the largest change that I can legitimately say I don’t like, is that the gathering spots are different.

You see…


Gathering spots were always in the same spot and had one loot table, now these new fangled spots can be in different places (although not all, only some of them) and have two different tables. A “blue” and “red” version. Which still baffles my mind as to which is better. It’s blue, I think… maybe…

Either way it makes getting what I want more difficult. Not incredibly, but enough to be noticeable.

We had static gathering spots and we liked it!

It all comes down to nostalgia

It’s a lot like Halo 2 and Halo 3. Halo 3 was great! And improved on the Halo formula in many ways… But… it wasn’t as great as Halo 2… because… well, it’s not Halo 2…

Either way I love Monster Hunter, I always will. I bought  a PSP for MHF2nd and a 3DS for MH3U & MH4U

I’m even planning on doing a let’s play style video series of MHFU this summer!

Who cares if it’s a five year old game, quality never dies!… also 3DS capture devices are $400+…

I hope you enjoyed reading about my mental battles with change as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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