Monster Hunter

Oh boy, Monster Hunter.

Where do I even start?

Well, for one thing; I have probably spent more time with the Monster Hunter series than with any other game series. So there’s that.

I have played four of the countless Monster Hunter games:

The original PS2 version from way back in ’04.

The PSP versions: Monster Hunter Freedom 2MHF: Unite, and MH Portable 3rd. (The last one is portable cause it’s imported… from Japan.)

I really love the Monster Hunter series; so much so that I will be giving it its own section on 100 hour save. (Considering I have three 100+ hour saves in this series)

Boss Battles done Right

Monster Hunter is one of the few games that really do boss battles properly. It too, like Shadow of the Colossus consists of mostly boss battles; although, Monster Hunter adds in more to the recipe without losing any flavor.

If you are unfamiliar with the Monster Hunter Franchise let me tell you. It is a game about killing monsters (No way! Really?!),upon killing one of these massive beasts you can use their parts as materials, such as scales, hide, webbing, claws, etc, to make increasingly better weapons and armor to kill increasingly harder monsters.

Here’s how it works

The games are like this, you are a novice hunter from a small town, or are sent to a small town because there’s a powerful monster terrorizing the country side. You are given menial tasks by the village elder at first. Things like: Go gather mushrooms, go pick herbs, kill some Aptonoth and get their meat… Ya’know grunt work.

The Aptonoth are basically Cows…. Yum!

But then, it happens! The elder gives you your first hunting quest!


Usually something like “Slay the Velociprey!” this quest usually involves killing about five or ten Velociraptor like dinos- er… monsters. This puts you on the path to killing their Alpha Male; in this case it would be the Velocidrome!

(This is from MHF:Unite)

Now it might not look like much, but if you aren’t careful this thing can beat the snot out of you, no… seriously. If there is one thing that Monster Hunter does is it teaches you to take everything seriously….

There have been many a time where I am fighting a huge Wyvern only to have some stupid Genprey jump out from and stun me, causing me to helplessly writhe around on the ground like a baby seal while the Wyvern has its way with me!

…After you kill the Alpha you start to get more and more challenging monsters, until about mid way through the game you finally kill the monster you were tasked with killing in the first place. This will then open you up to killing off even bigger and bad-er monsters while you gain in fame and skill.

It’s a very rewarding gaming experience.

… That is of course assuming you can make it past… The Wall

But this is just an overview

I plan to talk far more extensively about this game in the future!

What do you think?

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